Need CEU's to renew or maintain certification this year?

We provide behavioral professionals in need of BACB® Approved Type 2 CEUs a quick, convenient, and highly practical way to meet your certification requirements without having to travel .

Even if you are not looking for those last minute CEUs, our courses help you gain knowledge and sharpen your skills. Our courses include "real" techniques and tools you can apply today!

Experience Matters

All of our courses are built on a foundation of research and practice, so that your learning opportunities are maximized.

Take whenever and where ever it works for you. Coffee Shop. 2am. From your comfort of your home. You name it.

Save Money

Attending a conference can be fun, but also very time consuming and expensive.

Relevant Topics

Instead of just getting credits, learn topics that actually matter and apply these new skills in your practice.

1-1 Coaching

Get the personalized support you need to take your practice to the next level.


Collaborate with other professionals in our private Facebook group so you can share best practices and get support.


Experience our commitment to your learning through the many details embedded in our courses-including one sign-in and instant certificates you can share.

Our courses are designed to help you gain knowledge in practical behavioral health skills, learn about the latest innovations and trends in the field, and become equipped with the tools to improve your practice. The CEUs you earn are just icing on the cake.

Like many of you, I've searched for BACB Type 2 CEUs opportunities that were practical and meaningful to my work.

What was missing?

Your time is a valuable and limited resource. Like you, when I invest in continuing education opportunities, they need to help me get better at what I do! Although there were a few great in vivo/virtual courses, most still missed the mark-they didn't offer me enough support to change MY BEHAVIOR to improve MY PRACTICE. This gap between training and implementation can only be be filled with coaching supports.
To close this gap, the "School of Behavior Happens" was launched!

Dr. Michelle Duda and her company Implementation Scientists, LLC has been approved by the BACB®to offer Type 2 continuing education since 2014. Our courses are easy to use and most of all, relevant!

Get started TODAY for as little as $8 per credit hour

I would definitely take another course with the School of Behavior Happens. The course requirements were clearly laid out and easy to follow and the method of teaching was helpful for understanding. The topic was also very practical and useful for my current situation." - E. F.

Looking for a quick, convenient, and meaningful way to meet your BACB© certification requirements?

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How to Conduct an FBA in High School Settings

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Implementation Science

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Measures of Fidelity