Because You Need To

Feel In Control Of Your Child's Problem Behaviors

A child with problem behaviors such as; kicking, hitting, biting, screaming or other destructive behaviors can really take over your life.

You're left feeling stressed, tired and helpless. You've probably spent countless hours searching for a solution or trying different "strategies" but nothing seems to work!

Unless you understand the real reason why your child is behaving like this, you may unintentionally trigger the problem behaviors and they will get worse instead of better.

Does Any of this Sound Familiar?

You feel like you have absolutely no control over your child's problem behaviors and over time they seem to get worse!
Family, friends, educators or even strangers judge you as a parent, or worse yet, judge your child.
You frantically tried to find solutions, read several books, or participated in parenting classes, but still can't find anything that works! You may be feeling guilty or are losing hope!

Is desperation setting in because you can't help but think these behaviors will never get better? Are you tired and ready to give up completely?

Now is the time to

Take Back Control

Get empowered, and learn why problem behaviors occur in the first place and how to prevent them in the future.

Give Your Child A Voice

By understanding why problem behaviors occur, you will also learn what your child is trying to tell us.

Cut Through the Clutter

Identify science based solutions that are proven to work, and cut out the ones that may be making things worse for both you and your child.

Dr. Duda helped me understand the situation from my child's point of view. Instead of clashing with Jayden, we were both able to take a breath and enjoy each other." -W.C.

Courses are here to help you

Designed for parents, legal guardians, primary caregivers, school professionals, and those looking for help in resolving and managing problem behaviors in children.
Behavior Happens in Patterns (Coming Soon!)

This is the foundation course for all subsequent courses. It's recommended that all learners take this course first.

Sleep Routines

(Coming Soon)

Community Routines

(Coming Soon)

Meal Routines

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Play Routines

(Coming Soon)

Select one of the courses above to hear more about controlling your child's problem behaviors so you can get back to Happy Times