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Implementation of Positive Behavior Support at Home with Siblings

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Course ID: CEU AC2
1.0 hr Type 2 Ethics CEU

Featured Applied Research Article

Implementation of Positive Behavior Support with a Sibling Set in a Home Environment

By Michelle A. Duda, Shelley Clarke, Lise Fox, and Glen Dunlap. Journal of Early Intervention 2008; 30; 213


This study provides a demonstration of the process of positive behavior support (PBS) within a home setting to address the challenging behavior of a sibling set within family routines. Although a growing data base is demonstrating the feasibility and effectiveness of conducting functional behavioral assessment and implementing assessment-based interventions for young children in family contexts, the vast majority of these studies have focused on dyadic parent— child interactions. The presence of more than one child, particularly when all children display challenging behaviors, can amplify levels of parent stress and complicate the logistics of assessment, planning, and systematic intervention. In this study, three young children presented challenging behaviors that were highly disruptive to home routines. Functional assessments were followed by implementation of multicomponent, family-centered PBS plans individualized to four activity routines. Multiple-baseline across-routines and quasiexperimental (A-B) within-routines designs demonstrated promising effects of the interventions in reducing aggregate levels of challenging behavior.

Key Features of the Study

Rigorous research design in a real world setting—home

One of the first studies evaluating PBS with an adolescent girl with multiple disabilities and severe challenging behavior

Collaborative team established for completion of FBA and development and implementation of package PBS intervention

Teacher and peers were the primary intervention agents

Longitudinal study with maintenance and generalization data across six daily school routines

Addressed contextual fit with regards to intervention strategies selected

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Learning Objectives

Describe how Single Case Design methodology can be applied in a home environment.

Identify three considerations that are key when a behavior analyst is supporting an entire sibling set.

Identify the step in the PBS process that helped indicate that there was a dip in fidelity.

Provide two examples of how to support or empower natural primary intervention agents.

Name two findings from the Social Validation measures.

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Fun Facts!

Just a few interesting facts about this study...

  • This study was foundational to understanding how the impact of challenging behavior with more than one young child
  • This study helped researchers/educators understand the importance of clearly defined steps in multicomponent positive behavior support plans
  • Strategies from this study highlighted how to empower parents and older siblings

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